Competency #7 -- Image

Posted by Lynda at 9:03 AM

Friday, April 17, 2009

ESL children come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I had run across this picture earlier when doing research for my previous competencies, and to me it’s the perfect example of what I’d like to accomplish within this focus in my children’s services librarian career. A lot of people only think of Spanish speakers when they think of ESL children, but this picture, combined with my research for this blog competency project, has shown otherwise. These children each represent a different heritage or ethnicity, and they’re all smiling happily. They’ve had their library needs fulfilled, no matter what their native country or first language is. I want to put similar smiles on other ESL children someday.

I found this image again for this competency by going to Google Images. and using the search string children AND circle. I located it at The Write Choice Network: Services: Strategic Communication. accessed 3/22/2009.